Pickled Circus

Roll up ladies and gentlemen and see the Pickled Circus! A marvellous menagerie of fantastical folk and curious creatures, brought to life as a one of kind sculpts and limited edition art figurines.

  • Mr Pickles

    Mr Pickles

    It's the jolly joker in the jar, Mr Pickles...he's dead funny! People flocked from miles around to chuckle at Mr Pickles, he was the funniest clown in the world...until one sad day he popped his size 25 clogs in a freak custard pie incident! If only they could bottle his japes in a jar and share his silliness forever... well it turns out they could!!
    clown, zombie, pop surrealism, circus, sculpt, figurine, art toy
  • Honey Bear

    Honey Bear

    Roll up! Roll up! Come see the glass jar grizzly, Honey Bear! 'Upon hearing the sad demise of his circus sidekick, Mr Pickles, Honey Bear quite literally drowned his sorrows in a giant pot of sticky honey! ...But like Mr Pickles, he was brought back to life (by a spooky circus necromancer) and now he lives to perform once again, forever encased in his favourite amber nectar!'
    bear, honey, circus, pop surrealism, low brow, sculpture, art toy, figurine
  • Milton Moondust

    Milton Moondust

    Sleepy Milton Moondust was awoken in his bed, When a spaceman arrived and landed on his head!
  • GoldiClocks and the 3 Head Ted

    GoldiClocks and the 3 Head Ted

    Three bears scared her to death, Then raised her from the grave, With some clever clockwork skills, She became their steampunk slave!
    goldilocks, goldilocks and the three bears, steampunk, grim tale
  • Finbar Fistycuffs

    Finbar Fistycuffs

    Put your dukes up! Dare anyone face Finbar Fistycuffs, the back street boxer dog of old London town? Queensbury rules need not apply!
    victorian, bulldog, boxer dog
  • The Naughty Penguin

    The Naughty Penguin

    Quack! Quack! We're off to bomb the bat!
    batman, the penguin, comic book, steampunk
  • Claude Pincher

    Claude Pincher

    This freaky crusty crab man, lives by the seaside, He scuttles out for Ice-cream, whenever it's low tide, Paddling merry in rock pools, in the summer sunshine, Just beware his pungent fragrance, it's eau de fish brine
    crab, lobster
  • Atomic Space Ape

    Atomic Space Ape

    It came from outta space! The mighty Cosmic Kong, last of the atomic apes and defender of the universe! Space pirates, prepare to be atomized!
    sci fi, retrofuturism, atomic age, ape
  • Atomic Space Ape

    Atomic Space Ape

  • Atomic Space Ape (details)

    Atomic Space Ape (details)

  • Mr Boo!

    Mr Boo!

    The jolly gentleman ghost, Mr Boo! Has many scaring jobs to do, He'll never moan, wail or whine, Just tips his hat and flashes his sign!
    ghost, spook, pop surrealism
  • Wilbur Wiggleton

    Wilbur Wiggleton

    The worm has turned! Butcher, baker, bird pie maker. Psychotic earth worm, Wilbur Wiggleton, takes revenge on those pesky pecking blackbirds.
    worm, sculpt, figurine, art toy
  • Deadly Dodgems: Reaper Rider

    Deadly Dodgems: Reaper Rider

    Dodge or die! Death is coming to bump you off!
    dodgems, bumper car, death, grim reaper
  • Deadly Dodgems: Reaper Rust Bucket

    Deadly Dodgems: Reaper Rust Bucket

    Dodge or die! Death is coming to bump you off!
  • Deadly Dodgems: Fonzistien

    Deadly Dodgems: Fonzistien

    Rot and roll! It's 50s throwback, Fonzistein in his stitched up ride! The resurrected rocker is the second character in the 'Deadly Dodgems' series.
    frankenstien, rockabilly
  • The Red Queen

    The Red Queen

    Beware this cruel Queen, Who only sees red, She'll steal your heart, And take off your head! A twisted take on Lewis Carol's classic Queen of Hearts character
    alice in wonderland, queen of hearts
  • Dead Ted

    Dead Ted

    There's a cuddly corpse, lurking under your bed, beware the zombear, here comes Dead Ted!
    zombie, bear, teddy bear, sculpt, figurine, art toy
  • The Hook Hand Gang

    The Hook Hand Gang

    Zebediah Zombunny Count Gringo Cattington Hookleberry Hogswine