Born on Friday the 13th and cursed with creative fingers and a wild imagination that knows no boundaries.

Matthew is a painter, Illustrator and sculptor of captivating characters and curious worlds. Renowned for his distinctive dark blend of weird and wonderful, which he describes as, "a pickled circus of grandiose gloom".

Over the years Matt’s personal artwork has found it's own unique niche in the alternative / Pop Surrealism movement. Both darkly amusing and enchanting in equal measure, his signature style has captivated fans and collectors alike. Creating artworks for numerous commissioners, galleries and public spaces.

Matt has lent is vision to various areas of the creative industry, in particular character and narrative based projects. An experienced art director, illustrator and concept artist, whose developed ideas for various visual media and pop culture merchandise.

In a nut shell:
• Art Direction / Creative Concepts
• Character design and Illustration
• Character model making
• Painting & Sculpture Commissions (Public & Private)
• Story writing / Storyboarding
• Designer Art Toys