Illustration & Paintings

Gallery of artworks created in acrylic, ink, watercolour and digital.

  • Countess Carouselli

    Countess Carouselli

    The carnival queen, 'Countess Carouselli' and her devout protector, The Purple Pimpernelli, enjoy an elegant ride on her trusty unicorn (ably assisted by the prehistoric peddling chauffeur, SeƱor Stegocyclist)
    low brow, pop surrealism, carousel, unicorn, regency, baroque
  • Luna Lullaby

    Luna Lullaby

    Hey diddle dee, What a sight to see, The space cow landed on the moon, And the bookworm read a bedtime tale, About a queen who married a spoon!
  • St Valentine

    St Valentine

    St Valentine is coming for you, His rapier blade is swift and true, He'll reap your heart and all it's love, And feed it too his faithful dove.
    st valentine
  • Soul Balloons

    Soul Balloons

    Beware of clowns bearing gifts! 'Soul Balloons' paints the sad story of the forsaken Mr Chuckles. This tragic clown foolishly sold his soul to the devil. In order to win it back, he must stand at the cross roads attempting to sell cursed balloons to passers-by. Any fool who takes pity and hands over a penny; then their soul becomes trapped forever in his balloons!
  • Mr Pullcinella

    Mr Pullcinella

  • Percy Pumpadink

    Percy Pumpadink

    'Tip of the hat to you, tis a splendid Hallows night, I've risen from the ground, to give you all a fright, For i am Percy Pumpadink, a gent with ghoulish smell, I'll be polite and say hello, then drag your soul to hell.'
    halloween, pumpkin, spooky, pop surrealism
  • The Krampus

    The Krampus

    A fiendish beast is afoot at this festive time of year, Seeking naughty kids on his undead reindeer, You can shut all the windows and lock all the doors, But no one can escape the Christmas Krampus claws!
  • GoldiClocks


    Goldilocks clockwork cousin and her 3 headed teddy bear
    steampunk, goldilocks, goldilocks and the three bears, pop surrealism, low brow
  • The Future

    The Future

  • Lord Lucius Lupine

    Lord Lucius Lupine

    Tip of the hat, Tis a splendid day, and you my friend, look a scrumptious prey! Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce Lord Lucius Lupine. This noble beast strolls lamp lit streets, Tipping his hat to all he meets, He'll woo madam with charm and flair, Then whisk her away to his mansion lair.
  • Put Your Dukes Up!

    Put Your Dukes Up!

    Put em up, put em up! Bullseye, the backstreet boxer dog of old London town, will take on all challengers in a bout of fisty cuffs!. Oil Painting on board
  • Little Dead Riding Hood

    Little Dead Riding Hood

  • The Naive Pear

    The Naive Pear

    There once was a naive pear, Who was simple in the head, He made friends with a maggot, And now he's dead!
  • Claude Pincher

    Claude Pincher

    This freaky crusty crab man lives by the seaside, He scuttles out for ice-cream, whenever it's low tide, Paddling merry in rock pools, in the summer sunshine, But beware his pungent smell, it's eau de fish brine
    pop surrealism, crab, seaside, low brow
  • Wednesday Addams

    Wednesday Addams

    Wednesday's child is full of woe...and homicidal tendencies! Wednesday and Pugsley play 'Is there a god?'
    The Addams Family
  • Harley Hogburner

    Harley Hogburner

    'Harley Hogburner' is the leader of the Demon Riders gang. This roguish rebel rides a Pork Chopper fuelled by the fires of hell!
  • Beelze-Bikers


    The 'Beelze-bikers' are roguish members of Demon Riders gang. Pablo Diablo and Beelzebubber are devilsh drunkard's and riotous rockers, born to raise hell and run down old grannies!
  • Raven Rider

    Raven Rider

    'Raven Rider' is a member of the Demon Riders gang. All wickedness in wings, this bewitching beauty cruises on her crow machine.
  • Hell Hound

    Hell Hound

    'Hell Hound' is a member of the Demon Riders gang. This devilish doggy swigs pooch hooch, whilst burning rubber on his bone shaker!
  • Mr Pickles

    Mr Pickles

    Send in the cadaverous clowns! It's the dead funny joker in a jar, Mr Pickles, and his performing pickled pooch, Mr Pongo.
    clown, zombie, pop surrealism
  • The Rolling Bones

    The Rolling Bones

  • Kit Vicious & Unipunk

    Kit Vicious & Unipunk

    unicorn, punk
  • Soul Music

    Soul Music

    Beware of the sinister street musicians, Gustav Grinder and Mongo the musical monkey. Plug your ears before the hypnotically haunting tunes suck your soul into their macabre music box!
    organ grinder, victorian, spooky
  • The Naughty Penguin

    The Naughty Penguin

    Quack! Quack! We're off to bomb the bat! Steampunked homage to Gotham's big nosed villain, The Penguin.
    the penguin, gotham, batman
  • Romulus the Roman Soldier Ant

    Romulus the Roman Soldier Ant

  • Montgomery Moneybags

    Montgomery Moneybags

    Need a cash loan? Go see affluent aristocrat, 'Montgomery Moneybags', he's always happy to help...but remember to pay him back on time, or else you'll be thrown upon his Debtors Web to have your assets liquidised and sucked out! Mr money spider is part of an on-going series of anthropomorphic insect portraits
  • Toastbusters


    ghostbusters, marshmallow man
  • Burke & Hare

    Burke & Hare

  • Penelope Pitstop

    Penelope Pitstop

    Penelope Pitstop, Wacky races
  • He Mail

    He Mail

    The hunky hero of Eternia, He-Man, slices open some amorous fan mail with his trusty blade!
    He Man, masters of the universe
  • Joker In The Pack

    Joker In The Pack

    Orko, the mad bumbling magician often plays the joker, but does have an ace up his sleeve.
    orko, masters of the universe, wizard
  • I Love Evil-Lyn

    I Love Evil-Lyn

    The bony bad ass of Snake Mountain, Skeletor, shows off his new tattoo
    masters of the universe, skeletor
  • Handy Henchman

    Handy Henchman

    Beastly bottle opener, Trap Jaw, cracks open the beers during the Snake Mountain happy hour! So, who fancies a bottle of Old Grayskull Grog? or perhaps a swig of Snake mountain cider? Cheers!
    TrapJaw, streampunk
  • Pin Up Model

    Pin Up Model

    The dark sorceress, Evil-Lyn, has a secret crush on He-Man (quite literally). Can she 'pin' him down under her spell?
    Evil Lyn, sorceress, masters of the universe
  • Bad Day for Pisces

    Bad Day for Pisces

    He-Man's aquatic arch nemo-sis, Merman, receives bad news in the stars!
    merman, masters of the universe